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tv   World News Today  BBC News  April 21, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. our top stories... international inspectors have finally been able to collect samples from douma in syria where it's thought chemical weapons were used two weeks ago. kim jong—un suspends all north korea's nuclear and missile tests, ahead of talks next week. tributes to the superstar swedish dj avicii, a pioneer of electronic dance music, who's died at the age of 28. and manchester united are through to the fa cup final after beating tottenham 2—1 at wembley. hello and welcome. chemical weapons inspectors in syria have finally managed to visit the site of the suspected chemical attack in douma. their mission has been postponed several times over the past week. it is claimed that the attack
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on the 7th of april left at least a0 people dead. it was followed by american—led military strikes against several syrian government sites. angela kane is a former chemical weapons inspector and was in charge of the investigation in syria in 2013. she says the delay of two weeks to the opcw investigation affects the chances of it being looked into properly. it isa it is a concern. two weeks have passed since the attack on doom and there have been a number of movements there meaning the government has again taken control of the area and the government has evacuated people from duma and i do not know if the number is hundreds oi’ not know if the number is hundreds or more than a thousand. —— douma. those were people affected by the attack who could have been interviewed. they were first responders, victims, so they are no
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longer available for interview and to ta ke longer available for interview and to take samples, which is a concern. will the opcw come to a determination about whether there was a chemical weapons attack? from what we know there was a chemical weapons attack but it depends on what kind of attack, if it was a chlorine bomb attack it is harder to have any evidence at this point in time. chlorine evaporates quickly, it does not remain in the body nor in the soil so it would be difficult to find conclusive proof it was a chlorine attack. if a not the substance was used, a sarin like substance was used, a sarin like substance or derivative, it stays longer in the body and environment andi longer in the body and environment and i would imagine samples could be found. if many people have been evacuated and are no longer available for interview or taking samples to show inspectors evidence,
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thatis samples to show inspectors evidence, that is a concern because the government has had access to this territory for a number of days and could have obliterated any traces of the attack. you were responsible for the attack. you were responsible for the investigation of alleged chemical weapons use in syria in 2013 which supposedly resulted in syria's destruction of chemical stocks. if sarin or chlorine is found in the site in douma by the opcw, could it only have been serial behind the use of those? chlorine is openly available. it is used in waterproof —— water purification. it depends on how much chlorine was used. if it was as a weapon that is against the convention. it has come to light syria destroyed after it axe ceded to the convention tonnes
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of isopropanol which is a chemical used in commercial use. 0n the other hand it can be used as a precursor to sarin and while syria destroyed that 133 tonnes of isopropanol, they also imported 96 tonnes of isopropanol between 2014 and 16. that has only recently come to light, which is surprising. why importa light, which is surprising. why import a large quantity of isopropanol which is for commercial use but can be used as a precursor of sarin? that raises questions that need to be answered by the syrian government. if they refuse to answer what should happen? the opcw makes a report monthly to the security council and to this report is being looked at by council members and discussed at great length. it has a
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lot of information. the last meeting was in early april. it takes place every month. all of the questions still open are being aired in these discussions and raised with the government but i believe this recent importation of isopropanol has only come to light this week, i understand, so this question was not raised in the early april consultation in the security council. north korea's announcement that it's suspending its nuclear missile tests has been given a broadly positive response. president trump tweeted it was ‘big progress' but russia and japan in particular, have been more cautious. kim jong—un says he's stopping the tests because he's completed his goal of developing nuclear weapons. from seoul, laura bicker reports. north korea's favourite news anchor is back. usually the famous ri chun—hee would be announcing the state's latest missile test. but today was different.
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kim jong—un has declared there will be no more nuclear or ballistic missile tests. he is also going to shut down an atomic test site to focus on building north korea's economy. in a tweet, the us president said, "this is very good news for north korea and the world. big progress. look forward to our summit." these students have defected from north to south korea. they are sceptical of their former leader's claims. translation: there are three nuclear facilities and they are only closing one. it is just to show action to negotiate with the us. it doesn't mean they're going to give up their nuclear weapons. there is a need to be wary of this announcement. translation: to develop nuclear weapons, they have killed tens of thousands of people
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by starving them. i think north korea is trying to get a reward because they have been pressured by sanctions. in seoul, a hotline has been set up to pyongyang to allow the leaders of the divided peninsula to talk to one another. they are welcoming this latest news from the north ahead of a summit meeting between the two sides next week. it's worth noting what kim jong—un did not say. he is not handing over his nuclear weapons, he is simply going to stop testing them. this is not denuclearisation as ordered by the united states. nevertheless, it is a significant step. it really signals he's all in, you know, and we need to catch up, i think, in terms of our analysis of where kim jong—un is. he is ready for the summit with the south koreans, for the summit with donald trump. it is a measure of his seriousness that he is doing this before the meetings. pyongyang has broken nearly every promise it has made to the international community. but there is some hope that, this
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time, maybe it will be different. laura bicker, bbc news, seoul. joining me now isjoel wit. he is a senior fellow at us—korea institute atjohns hopkins school of advanced international studies. he also worked for 15 years in the us state department on arms control and nonproliferation. the ideal person to speak to. what is your assessment of this announcement by north korea?” is your assessment of this announcement by north korea? i agree with people saying it is significant but i do not think we can count all oui’ but i do not think we can count all our chickens before they hatch. no one would expect kim jong—un to make this announcement and so i think in that context, it is an indicator of the direction the north koreans are heading in and also most people have
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missed essentially he has enunciated a new strategic line, to declare victory in terms of their development of nuclear weapons and missiles, and now to pivot towards development of his economy. he knows to do that he is going to need to put his nuclear programme on the bargaining table. do you think this is significant progress looking forward to the summit between north and south korea next week and ahead to the hopeful summit between north korea and washington, or is it part of the game that must be played to show willingness? i am getting tired of the media analysis this is a game. i have been hearing this since january and the fact everything is that has happened since january is another indication that this is a very serious move by north korea. the issue here now is how do we take advantage of that move? it is not
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whether it is serious, it is how did we ta ke whether it is serious, it is how did we take advantage of that move to serve our own interest? that is the main thing for the us and korea. north korea has broken every promise made to the international community in the past, but as you said the key for america is how to take advantage of this. what should be the next move from the us? you do not have enough time on this programme to discuss the history of the issue but i think that is an exaggeration of the past 30 years of history. the fa ct the past 30 years of history. the fact is it is not true. there have been times when north korea has broken agreements and there have been times when the us and others have not lived up to their agreement so have not lived up to their agreement so the picture is more muddy than the way it is described. what the us
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and south korea need to do is to move forward, figure out what their agenda is, what serves our national interest, and push that agenda with the north koreans. summits are the perfect places to do that. kim jong—un made no mention of denuclearisation, something president trump wants very much on the table. looking ahead to that summit, what do you envisage is going to be on the table and could be the best case outcome for the us? just because he did not mention it does not mean it is not on the table and it has been mentioned repeatedly, publicly and privately, so repeatedly, publicly and privately, soiam repeatedly, publicly and privately, so i am sure when the cia director mike pompeo was there it was the subject of extensive discussion. it is going to be a central part of the negotiation and central part of the summitand the
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negotiation and central part of the summit and the north koreans have known that, they are not going to be surprised or try to avoid it. the issueis surprised or try to avoid it. the issue is what will be practical at the summit. the north koreans now are taking steps before the summit, not even negotiating them, to try to bring more focus on what is possible on denuclearisation. i would say one thing that is obvious is president trump should nail down the fact the nuclear test site will be dismantled and also that the north koreans have offered transparency in doing that, which means that we should seek to get international inspectors to make sure they follow through on that commitment. thank you for your analysis. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news... malaysian officials say the murder of a palestinian in kuala lumpur may have been the work of a foreign intelligence agency. police say the victim had been shot dead by two men on a motorbike. palestinian officials identified him as fadi al—batsh, an engineering lecturer.
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the government of nicaragua says it's ready to begin talks with people who've been protesting against social security reforms. there have been violent clashes between demonstrators and police since wednesday. at least ten people have died and dozens have been injured. the organiser of anti—government protests in armenia has said he's ready for talks with the country's long—standing leader, prime minister serzh sargsyan, but only to discuss how he would resign. armenia's president walked through crowds of protesters to meet their leader and urge him to negotiate. the funeralfor the former first lady of the united states, barbara bush, has been held in houston, texas. fourformer presidents were among the mourners, but president trump stayed away, with the first lady attending. barbara bush died at the age of 92 on tuesday. her sonjeb bush spoke a little earlier. the last time my mum went into the hospital i think dad got sick on
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purpose so he could be with her. that is my theory at least because a day later he showed up with an illness. he came into her room when she was sleeping and held her hand. his hairwas standing she was sleeping and held her hand. his hair was standing straight up andy had a mask to improve his breathing. he was wearing a hospital gown. in other words, breathing. he was wearing a hospital gown. in otherwords, he breathing. he was wearing a hospital gown. in other words, he looked like hell. mum opened her eyes and said, my god, george, you are devastatingly handsome! laughter. every medic ran to the hallway because they all started crying. i think you can see why we think our mum and dad are teachers for our family and many others. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come... a veiled warning from iran's president. hassan rouhani says that violence can't promote virtue, after a video emerges of morality police violently accosting a woman. the stars and stripes at half—mast
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outside columbine high. the bodies of the dead still inside. outside columbine high. the bodies of the dead still insidelj outside columbine high. the bodies of the dead still inside. i never thought they would actually go through with it. some places have already had nearly as much rain as they would expect in entire year. for millions of americans the death of richard nixon has meant conflicting ablutions. a national day of mourning next wednesday sitting uneasily with the abiding memories of the shame of watergate. and liftoff. the space shuttle discovery with the hubble space
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telescope. 0ur window on the universe. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. international inspectors say they've visited the syrian town where it's thought chemical weapons were used two weeks ago. north korea has said it's suspending all nuclear and missile tests with immediate effect. it comes a week before a meeting between leaders from the two koreas. "promoting virtue will not work through violence." those were the words of iranian president hassan rouhani earlier today as he appeared to criticise the country's morality police. it follows a viral video of a scuffle involving a morality officer. a warning — you may find the following pictures upsetting. in the video, an officer appears to be assaulting a woman for not covering her head properly with her headscarf. the footage has been widely shared online — and has prompted outrage on iranian social media.
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i'm nowjoined by women's rights activist sussan tahmasebi. good evening what do you make of what president hassan rouhani had to say? this is not the first time. i am glad he condemned it, even if it was failed, but it is not the first time he has made statements like this. he has made statements like this. he has made statements like this. he has made statements like this on numerous occasions, including at the time when he campaigned to be elected, he made many promises to women and one of them was ending the violence on the streets and ensuring women's security and their dignity by ending this kind of enforcement that he has failed consistently to live up to these promises, or to
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these statements, unfortunately. why do you think he makes them?” these statements, unfortunately. why do you think he makes them? i think he makes them because it is the right thing to do and expected and there is a lot of dissatisfaction with women's dress on the street and the violence women have to face it he is stepping up because it is the right thing to do. in a sense he is kowtowi ng to right thing to do. in a sense he is kowtowing to both sides, responding toa kowtowing to both sides, responding to a population that is dissatisfied and angry and want this kind of violence against women to end, but at the same time he is not taking steps to end the morality police and this kind of violence women face on a daily basis, because he is playing up a daily basis, because he is playing up to conservative supporters of the state, or conservative rivals —— conservative rivals. since he came
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to power maybe they have taken a softer line on breaches of the islamic code? there are reports and even during the previous time, when he stepped up the presence of morality police after the 2009 election, when they were turned into police to arrest protesters and the controlling of monitoring of women's dress was more lax, relaxed. that has continued during rouhani's presidency, as well, but still it is too much. i think people are fed up with it. before, the presidency ended the practice of morally policing women and citizens so we expect rouhani to do the same, at least, to end this practice, but he has failed to do so, even though he promised it. thank you. good to get
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your thoughts. ben has all the sport. jose mourinho is at it again. it's hardly been a vintage season for manchester united but they're through to a record equalling 20th fa cup final with a two—one win over tottenham hotspur. dele alli had given spurs the lead at wembley but an arching alexis sanchez header drew united level at half time before spanish midfielder ander herrera fired jose mourinho's men into their second fa cup final in the last three years. mourinho could become just the third manager to win the fa cup with two different clubs. why there is too many criticism on all of us. we can finish second if we do six points. i think it would be an achievement for a club that could do that for a few years now.
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the fourth final in three years, so i think may be too much criticism. jose mourinho. with the fa cup fixtures there were only two premier league games but another fine result from west bromwich albion who came from west bromwich albion who came from 2—1 down to get the 2—2 draw with liverpool. west brom will still be relegated if swansea beat manchester city on sunday.” be relegated if swansea beat manchester city on sunday. i see your face manchester city on sunday. i see yourface and manchester city on sunday. i see your face and you smile a little bit that you think it is funny. it is football. if you play football, you need a model picture and if it gets dry and dry it is not cool for the playing side. it should have been watered more? i'm not sure, each clu b watered more? i'm not sure, each club can decide what they want. i am
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pretty sure next year the pitch will be watered. it is half-time in the copa del rey final. half—time in madrid, barcelona leading. a luis suarez brace and lionel messi with the girls. rafael nadal remains on course for his 11th monte carlo masters title. a straight sets victory over the grigor dimitrov and has now won 34 sets in a row on his favoured arrest dust. he plays kei nishikori in the final on sunday and needs to beat him to retain his world number one ranking. the welsh wait for a european champions cup continues. scarlets were thrashed
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38-16 continues. scarlets were thrashed 38—16 by leinster. the irish side had beaten holders saracens to reach the last four and their strong form continued. the first—day of the world snooker championship in sheffield. mark selby the defending champion already out. winning three of the last four crowns at the crucible but was well beaten byjoe perry 10—4. elsewhere, five—time champion ronnie 0'sullivan is trailing stephen maguire 6—3. a couple of big fights taking place. amir khan fighting for the first time in almost two years against phil lo greco while carl frampton is fighting nonito donairre of the philippines. i am confident i will win this fight. the only time i have
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been confident is the second fight against martinez, the world title. always doubts that this fight there are no doubts. i have had the best training camp! are no doubts. i have had the best training camp i have had. there is zero doubt in my mind that i will be victorious. you can follow it on the bbc sport website. you can get in touch with me on twitter. we'll end with memories of one of the world's biggest dance music stars — the swedish dj avicii — who's died at the age of twenty—eight. i want to be remembered for the life i lived. not for money i made. she sings "addicted to you" # i'm addicted to you.
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# hey brother. # do you still believe in one another? music plays a bit ofa
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a bit of a disturbed night on the way the ticket across parts of england and wales after a lovely day for many. plenty of sunshine around here. clear skies have given way from the south and cloud is pushing up. this brought showers. and rumbles of thunder behind it and potential downpours tonight. the first across wales. some sweeping across east anglia and the south east. some will avoid the storms and most will push away by the end of the night. by the end of the night we moved to the west with wetter weather pushing in which will bring a big change tomorrow. the warmer air eventually swept away by this
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weather front, which air eventually swept away by this weatherfront, which bring showers and introduces much fresher air by the end of the day. a big change of western areas with this afternoon. this is the weather system in the west. some of the more persistent rain across parts of scotland first thing. showers working eastwards. sunny skies in the south—east. temperatures between 20 and 23 here, which could spark off heavy showers in the afternoon. contrast that with the west where temperatures will be close to 10 degrees down on what you have experienced today. for the marathon, it will be warm in london but not as warm as recent days. the chance of showers later. fresh air eventually wi ns chance of showers later. fresh air eventually wins out as we finish sunday. back to what is normal spring weather next week. monday, dry and sunny to begin with, continuing across eastern areas.
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cloud thickening in the west. around the coasts of wales in south—west england, turning damp later. temperatures will drop further through the rest of next week. dry weather in the south but in the north, frequent showers will become more widespread. some of those heavy. it is almost 9:30 p:m.. chemical weapons experts have been to the site of the suspected chemical attack in syria. the inspectors gathered samples which will be examined. north korea has announced the immediate suspension of nuclear and missile tests ahead of summit talks. this media said this was aimed at sustaining talks. barbara bush has been laid to rest in houston, she died on tuesday, aged 92. forformer president houston, she died on tuesday, aged 92. for former president attended the funeral but president trump did not. one of the words biggest dance
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music starts avicii has died at the age of 28. carole walker will be here with a round—up of the
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